Monday, January 22, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

Our church sponsors a Friday Night Forum every other month in which timely topics are discussed in depth, in order for the Average Joe to learn and become a more informed citizen. This month, the topic was global warming, how to live more simply, and reducing your environmental footprint on the planet. It was most interesting (and guilt-provoking!). As part of the forum, we watched the 90-minute film, "An Inconvenient Truth"...made famous by Al Gore. No matter which way you lean politically, or what your own personal opinions of Al Gore may be, we think this film is a must-see.

The film was bursting with hard scientific facts about global warming and the ongoing climate crisis that is happening on our planet. It definately made you sit up and listen (often with your mouth hanging open!). Here is a link to a website that correlates with the film. You can calculate your own personal environmental impact, get simple tips, and find out how to take action to reduce your CO2 production. You will likely be stunned, as I was, by how much you are contributing!

Also, after reading an article in our local paper about reducing the amount of junk mail you receive, I want to this site to get your name on the National Do Not Mail List and reduce junk from direct mailers. There is a link on the lefthand side to sign's free and only takes a sec!

Finally, there's a site called This site talks about several ways to live more consciously, more simply, and also has a link to a service that will get you off 95% of junk mail lists, for a fee. But, there's lots of neat info on this site for people to look at regarding how to live more simply and reduce your environmental footprint.

Allow me to step off my soapbox now...

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Mom said...

Did you see that Al's film has been nominated for an Oscar. Article said that he was thrilled to have it recognized in such a way. Should help in the viewing numbers too.