Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Change is a'comin!

I think everyone in the house, including the cats, feels a sense of change hovering in the air. The cats are adjusting (rather well, to their credit!) to being kicked out of our bedroom at night, and eating in a different location. They also are very interested in checking out the nursery and all the new baby stuff. Amos has decided that the bouncy seat was put together just for his comfort and convenience. It was sort of a hoot to watch him climb in it and start batting around the little toys. Had to nix that kitty behavior pretty quickly though, as I didn't want him to start thinking of the bouncy seat as "his" when Babygirl starts sitting in it!

We're at less than two weeks now from our induction date, and of course know that anything can happen between now and then. I had an OB checkup today, and asked the doc more questions about the induction how long, on average, an induction takes. Basically, if you haven't dilated at all prior to arriving, you can count on it taking "24-30 hours until you reach 10 cm". Oh, and then he says, then you will probably be pushing for around 2 hours. Hmmm....not quite what I wanted to hear!! I asked if I would be able to get up and walk while I was hooked up to the Pitocin. Nope, once the Pit starts, or the epidural is in, you are essentially bedbound. This may end up being the longest 24+ hours of our lives! I told Keith we can get through anything as long as the end result is our Babygirl.

We have a forecast for tomorrow that includes snow, freezing rain, sleet, and general yuckiness. We'll have to see what it's doing in the morning, but already several schools have closed for the day. I have a feeling we will both be taking a snow day as well. There's really no reason to even attempt driving in that stuff. As Hoosiers, we've been trained to drive in winter weather, it's our fellow North Carolinians who are the danger!


Sherrie said...

I was induced (2 weeks before my due date because Joey was HUGE), and 12 hours and 5 minutes later he made his arrival. The pitocin was not my favorite thing, between being stuck in bed and swelling up like a toad, it was no carnival. However, have I mentioned that epidurals are the most wonderful invention in the history of medicine? I highly, highly recommend one! We'll be thinking of you guys on the 13th, we can't wait to see the baby!

Jen said...

Yes...I definitely agree with Sherrie! Epidurals are fabulous inventions! Sophie is counting the days until babygirl arrives...6912973