Monday, August 22, 2011


Oh, *sigh* my Mama pointed out, I am behind in my blog posting & photo updating. The truth is that our little boy is not nearly as well-documented photographically speaking as Emerson was at this age. He is as cute as a little button...filling out in all the right rolly-polly places and crazy wavy hair. He's started wearing his hair thin on the sides & back a little from rolling around in his sleep (I assume), but we've also seen him tugging on his hair on the sides as well. He smiles at his sister when she comes around to aggravate, er, talk to him. He's a chatty little guy who likes to make eye contact & talk you up. He's enjoying chewing on his hands as well as any piece of cloth that comes within reach (washcloth during bath time, your shirt during burps, bibs or blankets). He's spent the past 2 days (last Friday and today) at the daycare for some transitional time, and then starts full time on Sept 1. Keith and I are splitting days until then as we've been unsuccessful in finding any other alternatives this week and next. Public school starts this week, so babysitters are trying to enjoy their last few days of freedom.
Meanwhile, big sister is taking private swim lessons and is really gaining confidence in the water. We are working hard to break the thumb-sucking habit with the help of a product called Malvo-stop. One of my coworkers is married to a dentist, and she recommended this. It tastes horrible and you paint it on the thumbnail. I did this for the first time while Em slept, and she woke up crying that night at 1am (but went back to sleep without intervention) and then told me in the morning she "had a bad dream and her thumb tasted DISGUSTING!" I didn't fess up and have been painting this stuff on after she falls asleep for the past week or so. She is stubborn, and trying to figure out how to suck that darn thumb without tasting the stuff. Surprisingly, she hasn't asked how that nasty taste got on her thumb, but did suggest that it might help her quit sucking. I mentioned a Thumbalina fairy who sprinkles stuff on thumbs in the middle of the night, and she pondered that one for a while. We are also (poor kid) worked hard on staying dry at night. She's been dry the past 3 nights in undies instead of a Pull-up. This requires my getting her up after Liam's last bottle and when Liam wakes up at 4-5 am to eat. So far, it's working!! She is so proud of herself in the morning.

Em started in her new classroom at the beginning of August (4-5 yr olds). I signed up to be the Library helper for her class, and bring a ton of books in each week that support the theme they are studying. There is a real focus on learning letters, reading & spelling. I really think she'll be in good shape this time next year when kindergarten rolls around (*sob!*). Now that I'm back to work, we're establishing an evening routine in which Liam is put to bed by 745-800, and Em has 30 minutes of total parental attention. We've been playing board games, reading, doing flashcards, etc. She eats it up, and her behavior has improved considerably.