Saturday, February 26, 2011

Disney Birthday!

Emerson turned 4 on February 8, and we celebrated in style at Disney World! We spent 4 days there, staying at the Wilderness Lodge, which I have to highly recommend. It was close to the Magic Kingdom, and you took a quick 10 minute boat ride over to the park. We spent one day at the Animal Kingdom, and all the rest of our time at the Magic Kingdom. This was truly the perfect age for Em to experience the Disney magic. She's at the peak of her princess fascination, and we had breakfast with the Princesses in the Cinderella Castle on her birthday. Keith's parents joined us on that day to help celebrate, and Em had a ball riding the Teacups with Nana and watching Papaw shoot at Zurg on the Buzz Lightyear ride. There was so much to see & do, lots of walking, very short lines (thankfully!) and mostly good weather.

While in Florida, we got to see Keith's grandparents, and my Grandma as well. Em was able to swim a few times, we took long walks, chilled a little, and tried to recover from our time at Disney.

This trip was Em's last hurrah as an only child. The last birthday where every last bit of attention was focused exclusively toward her. I think I took over 500 photos of this trip, so hopefully she remembers something of it!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

3 months

We're down to the last 3 months....last 3 months of being pregnant, last 3 months of being a family of 3, last 3 months of Emerson being an only child. In 3 short months we get to meet our boy, and our lives will change forever. Emerson will become a big sister, and the dynamic of our family with change and morph. I want to slow down these last 3 months, and let our girl enjoy her remaining time as the single child under our roof. To play Go Fish, and rub her feet and snuggle in bed with her after finishing story time at night. To bask in the "easiness" of having an almost-four-year-old, before it all becomes more complicated. To enjoy these last months of the last pregnancy I will carry, and relish the flipping & flopping going on in my belly. To giggle when Em tells me there's a baby in her belly too, and it's kicking & moving around in there. I don't want these last 3 months to fly by too quickly, even though I am anxious to see the face of our son, and the face of our daughter when she meets her brother for the first time. That moment when she becomes a big sister, and she holds him in her little arms. The first time we are together as a family of four. I'm torn between wanting time to slow down, and looking forward to what is yet to come.