Friday, January 19, 2007

Happy Birthday to Jen!

My best friend, Jen, is having a birthday today, and being the forgetful pregnant woman that I am...I totally missed sending her a card. So, instead, I decided to do a little blogging tribute in her honor!

Jen and I cemented our friendship in January 1996 on a college trip to Nicaragua...actually, it was on a 10 hour drive on the back of a cattle truck, sharing Pepto, and reassuring each other we hadn't made a disastrous mistake in embarking on this journey! (We didn't, the trip was fabulous!) Alas, our friendship was born, and it's been 11 years now and going strong!

Jen is a woman of many talents...she is also a Physician Assistant and just took a huge step by accepting a new job in a completely different field. She's been doing pediatric heme-onc since she graduated, but has very recently made a switch to adult GI. She is an extremely competent provider, very compassionate, and will positively impact patients' lives no matter which specialty she works.

Jen is also extremely devoted to her family. She and her hubby, Chad, welcomed a daughter (Sophie) in July 2005. I love reading about their family happenings on Jen's Blog
She is a great writer, and captures such amazing photographs of Soph...just a joy to read! Speaking of reading...Jen is the most avid reader I have probably ever met. She always has great recommendations for books, I've enjoyed each one she has told me to read!

Finally, simply put, Jen is an amazing friend. She is a supportive listener, knows just when to send a card, give advice (or withold it), and always makes me laugh. I love spending time with her, which is somewhat scarce since she lives in Cincinnati! Maybe someday soon, we'll get lucky and live in close proximity again...

Happiest of Birthdays, my dear friend. I hope you know how much I love and appreciate your friendship!


Jen said...'re the best friend ever. This is a much better b-day card! :) Thanks so much, my friend! :)69197

Ma said...

What a beautiful tribute to your best bud, Jen. Bet you made her cry!! loveyama