Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun!

We carved our pumpkins last weekend, and Emmy decided pumpkin guts were not for her. She did like eating the pumpkin seeds that Keith toasted! We did trick-or-treating tonight, and Em got to walk around the neighborhood with the girls from across the street (her big girl buddies). It was so fun hearing her chatter excitedly with them, telling stories, cracking jokes, and just being silly & having a good time. Keith manned the homefront, handing out candy to the masses. We had taken a family walk earlier, scoping out the houses with great front porch decor. There were some really neat jack-o-lanterns out there tonight! Em decided her legs were getting tired, and she had enough candy, so we headed home after about an hour. She was impressed with her loot, and got to hand out some candy to neighbor kids who stopped by later. It was a fun night!