Thursday, November 20, 2008

Frowny Face

We're seeing a lot of this face lately...often a precursor to a toddler tantrum. At least she gives us a little warning.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Don't hate me, Emmy...

Our last week has been filled with all things "potty". Emmy is obsessed with using the potty, and has been doing it several times a day, both at home and at daycare. We bought some pull-ups this weekend, but I haven't cracked into them yet. Em gets a sticker when she uses the potty successfully, however the real reward in her eyes is dumping it out and flushing the toilet. She will probably look back at this post in a few years and hate me for posting a photo of her sitting on the pot.

Another recent development is giving Mommy & Dada a kiss. It's so sweet and very cute. She makes a little sound effect..."mmmm-mah!" She's a little heart melter.

I'm off tomorrow, and I think we'll hit the local children's museum for toddler story time. She loves that place, and I think I may just get an annual membership. It will be worth it, as we will have to start paying admission fees when she turns 2.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fall Day

I'm still fighting a cold, but felt well enough this afternoon to take Emmy out in the back yard for a Fall day photoshoot. She loved walking on the leaves in the woods and hearing the "crunch, crunch". Our little stray kitty kept us company as we roamed the yard and Emmy inspected leaves & pinecones.

Em discovered 2 little bags that have been hanging in her closet, and over the weekend figured out the fine art of accessorizing...see for yourself!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


This is what I hear on the baby monitor in the morning now. April...April...Mommy...Mommy...Dada...Dada. We're not 100% sure Em really knows who April is, because when we asked her today, she pointed to Keith and then herself. She is just a bundle of giggles lately, with a few tantrums thrown in for good measure. She throws her hands over her mouth when she giggles, and it just cracks me up. She is exploding with new words all the time. This week, we were at our peak of Fall color, and as we were driving down a particularly colorful road, she pointed out the window and said "yaw-wo!" (yellow). It took me a moment to figure out what she was saying, but I was impressed once it clicked! She's very into Mr. Potato Head, and loves to read books. Coloring and helping empty the dishwasher are very big right now too. She gets a big smile on her face when she helps us around the house, and we like that she's willing to do it (for now!).

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Go Vote!

Here's your friendly reminder to do your civic duty and vote! You don't get to complain about our country's state of affairs if you don't participate in choosing your leaders! Go!

On another note...Emmy pee-peed in the potty today, and jumped up afterwards to tell me she did it. Since she is up and down all the time on the potty, I didn't think she did anything. She was so proud to show me what was inside the bowl, and that she got to flush it down the toilet. What a big girl!! It may be a way off, but I can see the end of diapers someday!