Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Troublesome Start to the New Year

This week has really been a doosie! We got home Sunday evening from a long vacation, and had mountains of stuff to get done this week. We had no food in the fridge Sunday night, and I had planned to do grocery shopping Monday after work. Forgot that I starting teaching the PA students on Monday, so didn't get off work until late. Was late picking Emmy up from daycare. No food = had to grab some Japan Express to take home for supper. Locked my keys in the car at Japan Express, and Keith had to come find us with the spare set of keys. Tuesday Emmy and I went grocery shopping and filled the fridge. We had a nice lunch at Panera Bread, where she ate a cup of cheddar & broccoli soup all by herself, with very minimal mess! Yay! She loves soup so much, I thought I'd make crockpot chili for supper on Wednesday. Got everything set up Wednesday morning, and had a crazy, busy day at work, still trying to catch up and get organized from having the week off. Picked up Emmy late again Weds, got her all psyched up for chili for dinner during the car ride home. We said together, "Soup is messy!", so she wouldn't scream and rip the bib off. First words out of her mouth to her Daddy when we walked in was, "Dada! Soup is messy!". Which prompted Keith to tell me that the crockpot was off when he got home. Had to throw out the entire batch of chili which had been sitting out all day, uncooking. Ugh! Grrrr! Thursday and Friday were busy at work, and the evenings were busy at home, cleaning, unpacking, settling in. Saturday was a massive "get the house cleaned and sanitized" kinda day. We all went to the library to return some books, and decided to head to the mall for strolling and dinner. We had fish & chips at Rockfish Grill. Today was pancakes and eggs for breakfast, church and I had the wonderful job of sorting, storing and putting away all the Christmas decorations which had been sitting in an empty room for over a week. So much more fun putting UP decorations than putting them away. I was reminded again how many sentimental Christmas ornaments we have, and how much fun it is to see them each year. We watched Dora the Explorer with Emmy tonight, as she is now hooked on "watch a moo-bie" since watching movies on the car DVD player during our drive north. Everytime she gets into the van she asks to "watch a moo-bie!". Try explaning to an almost 2 year old that "car moo-bies" are only for long trips....ha! Well, I think we have everything pulled together now that we've been back a week. Don't know why it took so long to get back into the swing of things, and hopefully this week will be better!

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^..^ Corgidogmama ^..^ said...

Now, with all that behind you, maybe, you can start to "enjoy" the new year!
I love that...moo-bie!!