Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It snowed overnight, and of course, everything in NC is shut down as a result. We got about 2-3 inches, judging by what is on the deck and my car. Some parts got 5+ inches in the Triangle. Unfortunately, NC doesn't have snow plows, or the foresight to put salt or sand on the roads. Keith, being the optimistic Hoosier that he is, went into work today at 730am. Silly boy! Doesn't he know that no one goes to work when it snows in NC? He said hardly anyone was there, and came home around noon, as the roads were still a mess, and the temp was dropping.

Emmy and I went out about 930 this morning. It was a brisk 25 out, still snowing, and windy! We stayed out about 20 minutes, and that's all Mama could take. We made hot chocolate to warm us up. We did another trek outside around 330 when the temp had warmed up to about 35. Em helped me clean my car off, and used the brush to clear off her tricycle too. Got some cute pics to prove it snowed!

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