Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A New Year

Happy New Year to all. We got back Sunday evening from a trip to Ohio and Indiana to visit family and friends. We started out the day after Christmas, and spent the weekend with the Garretts. Many thanks for to them for delicious fondue, fun trips to the local Nature Center and bargain shopping, and out for an adult date night at Bella Luna's (local Italian restuarant like I've never seen!) and seeing the Curious Tale of Benjamin Button. Fun times!

Next, we ventured to North Manchester for a few days to visit Mom, Jim and Josh. Keith went to Tipton one night for a reunion with high school friends, and Emmy and I went to Columbia City to visit with my college girlfriends. We all brought our kiddos, and the place was a madhouse! So good to see everyone again.

Emmy was in hog-heaven at Grammy's house. There were cookies and treats everywhere, and she enjoyed (sort of) being assaulted by the dog's tongue at every opportunity. The dogs are about the same height as Emmy's hand, so every time she walked around with food in her hand, they watched her like a hawk, hoping she would drop something (and a few times just taking something out of her hand!). Uncle Josh really outdid himself this year with the gifts, and he was so happy to watch Emmy open her presents. It snowed just a little while we were there, and Em was very interested in tromping around in the little bit of snow that stuck to the ground. Thanks to all the Manchester family for everything! I know Grammy wishes we could have stayed longer so she could get an extended "Emmy fix".

We finished up our Indiana visit in Logansport with my Dad. He'd been so anxious to see Emmy and she didn't disappoint. She is so comical now, and is quite entertaining. We went to a Loehmer reunion Saturday afternoon, and I got to see some cousins and other relatives that I hadn't seen in over ten years! We left from the reunion and started home Saturday afternoon. We stayed overnight in Ohio and were home around 6pm Sunday. It was a long week, and we are still trying to catch up. The cats had the place to themselves while we were away, and it certainly showed. Only one broken item while we were gone, thankfully.

The Christmas decorations are down, and all thrown into the extra bedroom. I need to sort through it all and get things packed up. Keith took the outside lights down yesterday, and the tree is by the road, waiting to be picked up. Ho-Hum...early January is so depressing after all those festivities.

We hooked up the Wii Fit last night, and I enjoyed exercising with it. I especially liked the slollum (sp?) skiing and hula-hooping!

Hope you all had good holidays, and have a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

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