Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Obsessions of an Almost Two Year Old

Oh, our dear sweet girl is getting quite the personality. She has discovered the wonders of "moo-bies", and is totally infatuated with "The Incredibles". She would watch it all day and night if she could. We've had it on about 7 times in the last 4 days. As soon as she wakes up, she's asking for "in-bed-bles!!", all the way to daycare she talks about it, all the way home, all during dinner (and before & after dinner). Oh yes, she's obsessed.

She has also discovered the wonders of Dora the Explorer. She got a Dora doll from Nana & Papaw for Christmas, and has one Dora video, which we watched during the Indiana drive. We have also watched that video until our eyes bleed. She has a hard time deciding between Dora and the Incredibles. Such decisions.

Her birthday is coming soon (Feb 7!). We will be in Florida visiting Keith's parents the week before her birthday, and will be having some Dora birthday cake with Emmy's grandparents and great-grandparents, as well as her great aunt & uncle! I am planning to make her a kitty birthday cake, but may hold off on that one until next year and do a Dora cake instead. Need to see if I can find a Wilton cake pan for that! We like Dora, because she is bilingual, and Emmy is getting exposed to some Spanish words. She shouted the Spanish word for "open" while watching the video the other day. Impressive!

She's been doing pretty well with the potty-training. She will routinely tell us when she needs to potty, and then proceeds to rip off half of her clothes (should be fun at her new daycare in a couple weeks!). She will tinkle in the potty pretty well. When I dropped her off today at daycare, Jeffrey commented how she never poops in the potty. When I arrived this evening to get Emmy, Jeffrey said she spoke too soon. Emmy went to the potty, and started to poop, and then got so excited that she was doing it that she jumped up and ran to the other room where Jeffrey was to tell her all about it....and pooped with each little step she took. Jeffrey said there was poop everywhere! Gosh, I'm so sorry I missed that.


Jen said...

The poop story totally cracked me up...
I personally feel like poop rules my about it all day at work...then come home to talk about it with a preschooler. Good God...
Glad she's loving The Incredibles...when you guys can't stand it anymore, get her a new one (and the cycle just keeps going, and going, and going!) I found Monsters, Inc. the most tolerable of the bunch!

^..^ Corgi Dog Mama ^..^ said...

You threw me for a loop when you wrote that Em's b-day was the 7th. I had to re-read her birth announcement! Didn't remember that you were going to FL in Feb. That'll be a nice break from winter. They'll love sharing Em's b-day cake and all the festivities! Take lots of pics.
She's certainly developing many new interests...must be having a major growth spurt cognitively!
Poop, pee, oh yeah...big stuff in a toddler's life.