Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Funny LIttle Girl Stuff

Emmy is really talking, repeating, and listening to what we say. (Scary!) She has started saying some funny stuff that I wanted to record and not forget.

This morning, she was sitting on the couch with her Dora doll, Blue, and Kitty. She had her quilt wrapped around herself and all the pals. She said "Here go, Thank you, Welcome" over and over when covering everyone up.

She has been playing like crazy with the kitchen set she got for Christmas. She has a little tea set, and loves to pour me tea. "Here go, Mama, more tea." She's even put a tea cup to Blue's trunk for him to drink some tea.

She is starting to do a lot of counting...in the car the other day, we were stopped at a light and she noticed several trucks. I asked her how many, and she counted, "one, two, tree!". She can count to 4 now, and often counts the snaps on her onsie as we are getting dressed. I got a fun farm animal place mat for the table, and she likes to sit there before dinner and count animals.

She is very insistent on bringing about 4-5 various friends with her in the car. When we get to daycare, I tell her she can choose one to go in with her, and everyone else has to stay in the car "to rest". When we walk inside, she'll look back at the van and tell me, "Mama, Kitty resting".

We met Keith for lunch today. She had milk and Keith had ordered a shake. When she figured out what Keith had, she took his cup, and slid her milk over to Keith...."here go, Dada."

Last night, I was in the kitchen making dinner and sneezed several times. Just as I was finishing, Em walked in and said "bless you" so clearly that Keith and I thought someone else was there!

I got the DVD of the Incredibles (Disney movie) through an online trade. It came in the mail yesterday, and when Keith opened the package, Emmy saw that it was "a moo-bie!". She begged to watch it, and so Keith and Em went to the living room to watch while dinner was cooking. She was so excited she kept running into the kitchen shouting, "mama! Moo-bie! In-bles!!" Incredibles was a few too many syllables for her to spit out.

We got a package in the mail today from Grammy. I let Em carry it inside and told her it was from Grammy. She was so excited to have a "present from Gammy!" She wasn't as excited when she discovered it was a set of deer whistles....thanks Mom! (Emmy says send a moo-bie next time!)

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Jen said...

Great post, Ape...she'll love this stuff when she's older!!! BTW...love the new blog look!!