Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hoosier Visitors

We had a wonderful visit this week with my Mom and Gram from Indiana. They drove down last Friday, and stayed until Wednesday. Emmy had a ball playing and coloring with her Grammy and GeeGee. We bought a new kid-sized table and chair set, and Emmy insisted GeeGee sit with her to color. She would point to the empty seat beside her and say "GeeGee!". Good thing Gram is so short! On Monday, I took the day off, and we had lunch at Parker & Otis in Durham. They have such great lunch sandwiches, and all kinds of desserts, baking items, seasonal candies, etc. It's fun to walk around the shop after you fill you belly. (Don't shop when you're hungry!). Afterwards, we headed over to the Duke Gardens and fed the ducks. They swarmed around Em once they discovered we brought bread.

The weather here has turned to Fall, and the leaves are just starting to change color. We're in the early stages of Autumn, my favorite time of year. The nights are chilly, and daytime temps are averaging mid-70's....perfect! I have brought out my Fall decorations, and am thinking of where to go to find a pumpkin this year. Emmy can actually help empty the pumpkin guts this year when we carve a jack-o-lantern. She will be a tiger/cat this year for Halloween.

I'm giving a lecture at the PA school on Monday about anemia, and in December will give a talk about Chemotherapy. I enjoy being a part of PA education, and would love to expand that role in the future. Still dreaming of doing the PA Teaching Fellowship...we'll see what life has in store for us next year.

Keith took Em to her swimming lessons at the YMCA this morning, and is now outside power washing the house. Everything was filthy after the home repair, and we're almost back to normal again. We still need to repaint our bedroom walls and stain the deck. We are considering putting hardwood floors in throughout the upstairs, and updating the small upstairs bathroom. After the home repair, we aren't anxious to have the house torn up again anytime soon!

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