Monday, October 13, 2008

Home Repairs Stink!

This has been the year for major (read: expensive!) home repairs. When we returned from our anniversary dinner Saturday night, we didn't have any water. When you turned on the faucet, not a sound, not a drop. Keith went under the crawl space to investigate, and saw there was zero pressure on the water meter. We had the water guy come out Sunday, and had to drop some major cash to have the well pump replaced. He looked on the old one, and it was the original one from when the house was built in 1988! Let's hope our new pump serves us as well! We've had some pretty disgusting looking water around here due to stirring everything up in the well to get the new pump in. It's starting to clear up today, and we're in the process of cleaning up the iron stains everywhere. Red clay dirt = red, iron-rich water! Our poor water softener if working overtime! We are hoping our repairs are done for this year!

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Corgidogmama~ said...

Home repairs never end when you're homeowners...let's just hope they space themselves farther apart now.