Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Obsessions

Well, it's taking a little longer to get out of the house these days, as our daughter has become fixated on several items, and can't possibly leave the premises without wearing or carrying every single one of them. She simply MUST wear her pink fleece jacket, and it simply HAS to be zipped all the way up. It doesn't matter that it's 75 degrees out, and she's sweating. She will wear this jacket all day long at daycare...zipped to her chin. She is very into hats right now, and seems to have chosen a favorite blue one that looks like an old man hat. She's GOT to have Miss Kitty (stuffed cat), and "Blue" (stuffed elephant), and Pinky (pink crocheted cape). It's quite a chore to buckle her into the carseat when she's clutching all three so tightly!

At night, she WON'T lay down unless Goodnight Gorilla and Goodnight Moon are in the bed with her. (We love that she loves her books.) She's totally infatuated with the little patchwork quilt that Mom/Grammy brought her from Indiana. She's GOTTA be covered up with that blanket to go night night.

She's becoming a little OCD about cleanliness, and starts crying if her hands get dirty at mealtime. I try to reassure her that we'll clean up at the end, when everyone is "all done". So, she dumps her plate on the floor and yells "ALL DONE....CLEAN!!".

She's suddenly VERY interested in the potty seat. She pulls her pants down and wants to sit on the potty. So far, she's done nothing IN the potty, but has stood up and peed on the floor. If she is sitting on her potty, she insists that you also sit on the toilet. She'll point at the toilet and say, "Mommy! Potty!". Unfortunately, trying to re-diaper her after these little escapades is quite the challenge. She will come up to me now and point to her diaper and say "soggy" when she's wet. I always call her Ms. Soggybottoms when her diaper is really wet. It's so funny what she picks up.

She is all about showing the love to Amos. The poor cat is being perpetually tackled for hugs now. She runs up and yells in his face, "HUGS", and then falls on top of him to give a squeeze. It's pretty amazing that he sits and takes it. When he's had his fill, he flees, but for the most part, he stays put. Riley wants no part in this love-fest, and runs at the sight of Emmy.


Corgidogmama~ said...

Oh my gosh, such changes since last week even! So glad she loves the quilt...but, my goodness, what strange new obsessions....hmmmm.
Must be a new period she's entering. Scary stuff, huh!?

Jen said...

Such a big girl...can't wait to see her.