Wednesday, September 17, 2008


A while back, when we had Brinks at our house to install a security system, one of the workmen told us our back doorframe was rotten. When he went under the house to pull some wires, he said it looked like the floor in our bedroom was rotten too. This summer, we'd been trying to find someone to come look at it, and finally got a recommendation from a neighbor about a good home repairman. He came to give us an estimate before we went to the beach, and he's been here all week working. Hoooo-boy, what a mess! A large section of the floor/subfloor had rotted by the door, which leads out of our bedroom and onto the back deck. Turns out, whoever built the deck did do the flashing correctly, so water has been seeping in around the door and floor. He had to tear out part of the wall to be sure the water hadn't crept up into the studs (thankfully, not), and had to rip up 1/3 of our deck to get to the problem areas. (did I mention it's been a mess around here?!). Anyway, he's done the bulk of the work, and is now mudding the walls. He'll be back to sand tomorrow and put another layer of mud on the walls. We haven't slept in our bedroom all week, and have a lot of cleanup to do in there. We'll need to stain the deck in the spring to get it all uniform again, and paint 2 walls in our bedroom as well as the new door. Hopefully, most of the carpet stains will shampoo out. It poured rain on Tueday, and there's mud, spackling, and junk all over the carpets!

My leg is still pretty sore and bruised. My foot swells if I do a lot of walking or standing, and it's so sore that wearing a shoe is difficult. I try to prop it up as much as possible, and am sleeping with it on a pillow at night. It usually looks pretty good in the morning! I haven't been able to work with my trainer for 2 weeks, and am feeling the effects. I seriously doubt I could put on a tennis shoe now anyway, but it's still a bummer!

Emmy has started using 2 word sentences, and counts to 2 as well. (All this started in the past week!) I came to pick her up today, and she greeted me at the door shouting "Baby crying!", and pointed to the room where the baby had just woken up. Last night she surprised me when I held two tigers from her Noah's ark puzzle and said "one...", and before I could continue, she yelled "TWO!". She talks nonstop, all the time, and has such exuberance when she's telling you something.

I found out today that starting in October, I will be able to go down to 4 days a week (32 hrs, not four 10 hrs). I think I will end up having Tuesdays email, no voicemail, no pager. Just Emmy and Mom, hanging out, having fun. I am really excited about it, and look forward to having more time with Em.


Jen said...

Congrats on the job! That is fantastic...

Corgidogmama~ said...

That little girl is just changing minute by minute! Sorry you have to go through such a mess with the house, but it's good to have it done before winter, which means more dampness! It'll all be a memory by the holidays hopefully.
Sorry too to read that your foot/leg are still bothering. Hmmm.
So glad for both you, and Emster that you'll have an extra day with her during the week. Lucky for both of you. Education brings great rewards......doesn't it? lubya.