Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bad News at the Stouder House

We came home from work yesterday to find a broken window and several things missing. Our new computer was gone, my iPod, the camera and (?) a postal scale. (Um, I guess that will come in handy to measure all their drugs...or to send packages for Ebay?!) Anyway, we could tell they had been in every room because doors & drawers were open, but that's all they took. No trashing the place....thank goodness. Only the outer pane of the window was broken and then they jimmied the lock. So, no interior glass to clean up. Frankly, it could have been much, much worse. I'm most sad about losing video from Emmy's birthday and early 2008 when she stood for the 1st time. I had backed up the photos to the Flickr site over the weekend, but there are some things that are just gone. Sigh. So, we're replacing a window and getting a security system so we can sleep better and not worry all day. Not the best way to start the week (neither was getting a ticket on the way home today for rolling through a stop sign....don't they have robbers to catch?!)

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