Tuesday, February 12, 2008


It's raining tonight (yay!), and is supposed to rain most of the day tomorrow.  Let's hope the weatherman finally gets his forecast right, cause it's might dry around here.  I personally think it's crazy that we're in such a terrible drought, and they are piddle-farting around with weenie water restrictions.  Do you really need to go wash your car in the middle of a drought?  Just wash your windows at the gas station and get over it, people!  

Emmy is becoming a toddler, for sure.  She is getting frustrated easily, and I partly blame this on her lack of morning naps (since she decided to give them up last week), and partly on her being unable to tell us what she wants.  She definitely doesn't like it when we tell her no, take something away, or if she has to wait for something (like Mama heating up her lunch!).  The word hissy fit comes to mind.  She is usually easily redirected, although Mama is detecting an occasional "fake" fit, and can see right through it!  (Those special Mommy glasses come in so handy for this!)  

The stray kitty made it home safely yesterday...minus one uterus, and plus a couple vaccines.  She looks pretty good, and was waiting patiently at the back door this morning for her breakfast.  She wore a little patch of fur off her nose while she was freaking out in her cage...poor little thing.  Someday she might actually let me pet her....

Things at the new job seem to be settling down...I've got a routine going, and have figured out much of my role.  I should be able to start working from home one day a week, as I have a work laptop now and can answer email & check voicemail just as easily from my living room.  

If you haven't checked out the photo gallery lately, there are tons of birthday pics of Emmy...babies and cake make for some good photo opps.  I'm working on a DVD of Emmy's first year videos...it's a slow process, as I'm learning the iMovie program.  I need to go to the Apple store and take a free class on this!  

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Susan & Jim said...

I'm glad the kitty thing has been taken care of the way you wanted it. Maybe she'll warm up someday.
Emmy, with a tad of a temper?? Gee...I remember you being a foot stomper, thumbsucking huffer.
I was a foot stomper too, so prepare yourself sista!