Thursday, February 14, 2008

Birthday Traditions

I had been racking my brain, trying to come up with a special family tradition for celebrating Emmy's (and any potential future kiddo) birthdays.  Our friends, Jen & Chad, bought a charm bracelet for their daughter, and buy a charm each year that represents something special from the year.  I love that!  I did some research online, and got some great ideas.  I liked the idea of having a special birthday plate that the family member gets to use on their birthday only (mental note...go to local paint-your-own ceramics shop and make one of these!)....or, take photos each year at the same place to document growth (or next to parent, or next to a tree), cool idea too.
I had already decided a while ago that I wanted an ice cream maker so we could make homemade ice cream to celebrate birthdays.  The birthday person gets to choose the flavor.  I'm planning to take a cake decorating class this year so I can be the cakemaker too!  One of my favorite memories of birthdays as a kid was telling mom what kind of birthday cake I wanted each year.  
The big tradition that Keith and I came up with was giving a classic book each year, so by the time Em's 18, she'll have a nice collection!  This year we decided upon Charlotte's Web.  She'll probably be a big fan of Wilbur and Charlotte!  
What are your family birthday traditions?

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Jen said...

FABULOUS idea...hmm...may have to steal that one too? :) I also really like the idea of a special birthday plate. I love the books though - what a great gift for her!