Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Back on Track

Hi All!  It's been a while since I blogged, but life got a little hectic after the break-in.  We've now got the security system in, window fixed, insurance stuff worked out, and are slowly replacing items.  It's a total bummer having to work through all this stuff, as it's a major time-suck.  As if we didn't have anything else going on in our lives!  

Emmy is over her cold, and off antibiotics.  She's such a fun little squirt, we can't get enough of her.  The personality is really starting to shine, and she's a total ham.  She giggles all the time, stands/cruises around all over, and loves to "hide" so we can find her.  She obviously understands a lot of what we say to her, and if asked, will go get a specific book, and then crawl onto my lap for a story.  It's so totally sweet.  She remains the "Daycare Bully", in spite of being the youngest one there.  She makes all the other kids cry by taking their toys.  Typical toddler mentality..."if I want it, it's mine...if you have it, it's mine...if I see it, it's mine".  I guess we need to start working on manners next!  

We're looking forward to Easter, and Em's Easter basket.  We'll see what she thinks about hunting eggs, and finding treats.  I suspect it will be a hit.  


Sherrie said...

I'm looking forward to Easter pics, I bet Emmy will have a great time with her Easter basket! Joey wants camo eggs and a basket full of WWE wrestling posters and magazines, that's not nearly as cute and sweet as his baskets were when he was Emmy's age. Such is life as the parent of a tween.
I'm glad to hear that you are getting things back to normal after your break in. How scary, I'm glad that most of it was replaceable. Take care, we'll be thinking of you all at Easter time.

Penny said...

Spent the weekend with Jen and Sophie. According to Jen the daycare people have told them that Sophie has her own "posse". She is quite the talker and definitely speaks her mind. "I not grumpy and tired" "I Sophie Garrett" was heard many times.
Jen even had to climb up the McDonald's slide to get her to come down. That was a "naughty spot" offense. They are so much fun, though aren't they. Glad to see you are enjoying every minute. It goes by way too fast.