Friday, February 16, 2007

Oh, Whatta (poopy) Morning!!

Okay, so let me set the scene for you. We have a Pack-n-Play in our living room, and this is where the babe has been hanging out most of her sleeping hours. Our bedroom is awfully cold at night, so we've been taking turns sleeping on the couch, next the the P-n-P. It's worked out nicely, and the P-n-P has a little diaper changing station attached to it.

Well, this morning at around 5am, it was my shift to care for Em. It was time to eat, so I woke her up, wanting to change her before mealtime. When I checked her, she had a poopy diaper...but, clearly, she wasn't quite finished. This isn't a new phenomenon...she often decides she needs to do more business at diaper change time. No big deal, I'll give her a sec to finish as I get out a clean diaper and get some wipes ready. No prob...she seems done and I start cleaning her up.

Now, let me make a slight aside here, and just say that our dear daughter is the Queen of the Poopsies. She's not dainty about it, there's no getting around that fact. If you happen to be holding her, you would think a seismic event was occurring. The sound effects provided are rather disturbing coming from such a small being. But, I digress...

Back to the, just as I am lifting her legs to clean her backside, she decides she's still not quite done. The damage done in that microsecond was, well, difficult to comprehend at 5 am. I've never seen poop fly like I did this morning! With a loud "squirt", there was poop up my arm...on the carpet...on the couch...all over the Pack-n-Play...and she even managed to hit the cat (who looked appropriately mortified and ran out of the room). It was everywhere, bright yellow, and daring me to freak out.

I have to say, I remained calm (must be the sleep deprivation). She, however, was
thoroughly ticked off it was taking me so long to finish changing her. (I couldn't decide where to begin cleaning up!) Poor Amos came back into the living room as I was finishing, and begged me to help him out. Wet wipes to the rescue...she really nailed him! I have a feeling we will all be a little gun-shy about diaper changes for a while.


Papaw said...

You two should become writers in your spare time! We are thoroughly entertained with the escapades of our newest granddaughter!!! The photos are marvelous, and I want to print some, but we haven't figured out how to do it yet!! Can hardly wait to see you all again soon--Love, Mom and Dadxpvmpwhe

Sherrie said...

I know it must have been awful at the time, but your recounting of it had all in the Williams' household about wetting our pants in laughter. Yeah, the sleep deprivation is a killer- I swear we didn't sleep more than a few hours a night until Joey was six weeks old. Someday you will get a mediocre (I don't want to lie and say "good") night's sleep again, honest!

Chad said...

LOL! Get used to it! I remember Sophie's poop coming out like toothpaste! That was pleasant!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! She's like a PlayDoh factory, huh? Just remember to stock that diaper bag for those 4-diaper oozers when you least expect them!
Love, Stacy, Greg, and Abs

Marigold said...

projectile poopie...ah, I remember those days... :D