Monday, February 19, 2007

Let's Hear It for the Swing!

Last night was a long, long night. Emerson just couldn't get settled into sleep, and was fussy and noisy all night. Keith took the early shift with her, and let me sleep until about 1am. Once I took over, she never fell alseep for more than 15 minutes...which means neither did I. By this morning around 11am, I was beat. I fed her and then had a brainstorm...we have a baby swing upstairs that's assembled and ready to use! I strapped the kid in, turned on the music, and within 3 minutes she was out like a light! Thank goodness!!! That swing is my new best friend, and Em likes it too.


Jen said...

How have you survived this long without the swing? Did you not hear us when we said..."the swing is the best invention ever" and "we would have been suicidal without the swing". :)

Susan & Jim said...

Well now~~you're just having the "total" new parent experience, aren't YOU??? Hang in there, it all goes by in flash, so enjoy every moment.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes...I second that notion! I don't know what I would have done without our swing! Megan loved it! It can definitely be a lifesaver!!!!
hang in there!!!! Loved the poop entry---stated in true ape style! memories

:) Lori

Sherrie said...

Oh yeah, the good old Graco swing was the ultimate sanity saver! We took that thing EVERYWHERE with us, bulky as it was, it really saved the day sometimes. We mourned the day when Joey exceeded the weight limit for that thing, but luckily by then we had Teletubbies and Barney to take it's place! (Trust me, you will grow to worship the Teletubbies and Barney, if only for the five minutes of uninterrupted housework that they afford you.)