Saturday, February 3, 2007

How to Leave a Comment

So, we realize that many of you who view our blog are new to the whole "blogging scene". We wanted to make sure everyone knew how to leave a comment. We've changed our settings so that you don't have to have a Blogger/Google account in order to leave a note.

Simply click on "comments". Type in what you want to say in the comment box. There's a little box below called "word verification", where you have to copy some random letters (to prevent spam buildup on our blog!). Under identity, click on anonymous, if you don't have an account. Note: if you want us to know who you are, simply sign your name at the bottom of the comment area where you typed your note.

Couldn't be easier, but if you don't do all three things, we won't see your comments! If you did it right, you should be able to see your comment posted immediately. We look forward to hearing from you!


Anonymous said...

Keith and April, I want to congratulate you both on the successful birth of Emerson Grace! She is so cute and will no doubt be raised in a very loving family. I am glad and excited to be her uncle. I look forward to seeing her in the next few months.

Best Wishes!

Uncle Kevin

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you guys! She is beautiful. I had been thinking about you and wondering how things were going. Keep in touch.