Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Conversations with Our 3 Year Old...

Em has a classmate who welcomed a new baby brother to the family a few weeks ago. Evidently, Baby Ryan paid the class a visit this week. Em came home and told us about baby Ryan, and how tiny he was, etc. At one point, she stopped, and exclaimed, "Mommy! He didn't have any teeth!" (pronounced teef) Isn't is funny what she observes?

She's having a party at school tomorrow, complete with an egg hunt. She's terribly excited, and told me that everyone was dressing up in their Halloween costumes and the Easter Bunny would throw candy at them. Ummm...sounds like an interesting party!

When we joke around with her, she'll say, "No way, silly goose!".

When she gets mad about something, she tells me "I'm not your friend anymore! Only Daddy is my friend!". I'll remember that kiddo when you need to go shopping for your first bra!

She is beginning to dress herself in the mornings, and then calls us when she's ready to come downstairs. The first morning of this new experiment, Keith went upstairs to check on her. She was sitting on her bed when Keith opened the door, and she hollered at him, "Daddy! I'm not dressed yet, come back later!".

As we were walking into the grocery store this evening, she told me she was "growing up, cause I'm getting taller!" Then she waved at a grumpy-looking lady driving by in the parking lot who broke out into a smile & waved back. Em said, "I just waved at that lady, cause I was being friendly". Cracked me up.

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^..^Corgidogmama said...

Egad! She's a smart little booger!
She's such a sponge...and just seems to glean info out of each experience. Whatta kid!