Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fun & Silliness

I haven't uploaded photos from my camera for a couple weeks, and wanted to share some here. We enjoyed a trip to Duke Gardens about 2 weekends ago to feed the ducks. The ducks literally swarmed us, and even jumped out of the water to walk up close to us! Of course, Emerson was all glammed out to hit the park. She's been wearing her hair in a pony tail recently, and it's so adorable! She's been hanging out in a ratty pair of rainboots that I got from a nice gal on Freecycle. I just couldn't cough up the $20 for a new pair that she would outgrown so quickly! (Yep, call me cheap!) I painted Em's toenails for the first time this weekend. She initially wanted a bright red color in the store, but I talked her down from that one. Then, she set her eyes on a shimmery lilac bottle, and declared, "I need sparkly purple, Mommy!". So, sparkly purple toes she now has! She was so tickled to have Mommy "use a paintbrush to paint my toenails!".


^..^Corgidogmama said...

She surely does love her bling-bling!
Cute pics... very, very cute.
You can borrow her sparkly purple KNOW you want to!

Jen said...

Very the boots... :)