Sunday, April 5, 2009

Egg-citing Weekend

We had a fun-filled weekend! We did some Easter egg decorating on Saturday. It was Emmy's first time dying the eggs, and she thought the whole thing was a bit peculiar. She didn't quite understand that eggs are a little fragile, and would slam them into the cups and squeeze them a bit. So, we have some colorful, cracked eggs. No worries, they will be deviled eggs at the end of the week. We went to JC Penney's yesterday for Easter pics. They turned out really great, and I am looking forward to their arrival next week. Family and friends will be seeing them in their mailboxes soon! JCP was having a great sale, and I managed to find some new curtains for our living room at a great price. I've been searching for months, and haven't found anything reasonably priced...what a stroke of luck to find them there! We did a brief trip to the local park today, and got some Cold Stone Creamery ice cream afterwards. The pine pollen is now out in full force, which isn't so fun, and makes the entire house/car/roads/EVERYTHING turn a sickly yellow-green color. Our eyes are burning, noses are stuffy and throats are scratchy. It's a yucky 1-2 week period of endurance in NC...ugh!

We're embarking on a little bathroom home improvement project downstairs. Just some paint and cosmetic stuff, but it should be enough to hold us over for a couple years until we are able to do a bathroom overhaul. I will post some before & after pics when it's complete!

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