Tuesday, April 14, 2009

CVS Score!

Just have to stop by to tell you about my awesome trip to CVS yesterday. I got a bottle of Pantene shampoo, Pantene conditioner, Pantene hairspray, a bottle of Softsoap apricot body scrub, 2 Reeses peanut butter eggs, and 4 bottles of Sobe flavored vitamin water for a grand total of $0.04. Yep, FOUR CENTS! (Oh, and they gave me $6.50 in Extra care bucks to spend next time.)

Can I say it again...coupons and sales + ECB's ROCK!!!


Sherrie said...

You sure did SCORE at CVS! I had a shopping list to go there this AM before work, but I spent too much time at Walgreens and it will have to wait until tomorrow. My CVS list is very similar to what you got, but I'm also buying batteries. How is the SOBE water? I have coupons for two of them to be free, so I'm going to try them. At Walgreens, I got 2 Axe shampoos (they are stinky but Joey and every other preteen/teen boy loves them), a Colgate MaxWhite toothbrush and 35 marshmallow Peeps for $2.50 and got another $3.50 in Register Rewards after it was all rung up. Fun!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Oh you coupon queens!
Hope your hubby's realize what little gems you are!

Jen said...

Ape, though I love you dearly...we need to find you a life beyond coupons, ok? :)

April said...

the sobe water is delish...give it a try! I got 4 of them for the price of one. if you don't like it...no harm done, since they're pretty much free.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

April Rosanne....I'm going to do a bad thing here.
I'm going to tag you for that "8" things tag that's floating through blogland lately. I got tagged, so will pass it on to you IF you choose to do it. Check my blog for details.
No biggie if you don't wanna.