Monday, August 18, 2008

Two Questions...

I've been in baking mood for the past couple weeks. I get very frustrated when I make muffins or cupcakes, only to have them get soggy and gross after a few days. I've tried storing them in various containers (plastic bag, sealed tupperware) and try to make sure they are completely cool before putting them away. I usually keep these items on the kitchen counter. How the devil do you prevent baked goods from getting soggy?? So frustrating!

Also, how do you stop your toddler from flinging food across the room? I am so tired of scraping food off the windows, cupboards, floor, rugs, etc. Any advice, other than tying her arms down? This usually occurs toward the end of the meal, as a signal that she's done...BUT, the transition happens rapidly, and she's not always finished eating. Once she starts flinging, I take away any remaining food, but occasionally she has a meltdown because she still wanted to eat. Puzzling toddler behaviors...someone out there give us some advice!

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