Thursday, August 28, 2008

Goose Eggs & Mommy Guilt

I discovered this morning that toddlers have very short memories. Emmy basically did the same swan dive off the side porch that she did a couple months ago. Silly me, I thought doing a face-plant when you try to walk off the steps would be burned onto her little blank slate of a brain. Nope! As I turned to lock the back door, she turned and walked off the porch. The only thing that hit the pavement was her forehead, and she had an instant PURPLE goose egg. She has quite an abrasion as well. We cleaned it up, calmed her down (and Mommy! Thank God Daddy had already left for work, or I would have probably been picking him up off the pavement too), and put 2 nice pink Hello Kitty bandaids on her head. I let her look in the mirror at them, and she thought she passed the "out the door test". She marched into daycare this morning and promptly announced "Boo-Boo!" and pointed to her head. She got lots of love and sympathy today. Here's how she's looking tonight....poor kid!


Jen said...

Doesn't look like she's scarred for life... :)
Hello Kitty band-aids cure everything, don't they?

Corgidogmama~ said...

That precious, Poor little girl looks just like one of her Uncle Josh's MAD BALLS from your youth April Rosanne!! But, I agree with Jen, a Hello Kitty band-aid would make the "boo boo" better fast!