Saturday, August 9, 2008

18 months

Wow, Emmy turned 18 months old yesterday...where in the world has the past year and a half gone?  She is changing on a daily basis...becoming her own little person, and showing us her personality and independence.  She just had her check up yesterday, and happily, her weight is up to the 30th percentile.  Her height is the 20th percentile.  Her head is the 90th...yup, she's got my melon head!  Everyone comments about how small she is, but I feel like she holds her own among the other kids just fine.  We went to the mall today, and let her play in the kid's area at the food court for the first time.  She loved it!  She was cackling so loudly every time she climbed to the top of the toddler slide, she just cracked us up.  She wasn't fazed a bit by the bazillions of other kids running all around (and wanting to touch her).  Two more molars came in this week...she's got a real mouthful of teeth now!  (Which, by the way, she cheesily shows off when she notices a camera in my hands!)

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