Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hoosier Holiday

We took a whirlwind trip to Indiana over the 4th of July weekend.  There's a single airline now that does a non-stop flight between Raleigh and Indianapolis, and we took advantage of that with a 16 month old.  Boy, are we glad we did!  The flight up was about an hour and 40 minutes...just long enough to make Emmy restless.  We rented a car and spent Thursday night at Keith's grandparents.  It was so nice to visit with them, and see some of Keith's extended family.  Bill & Della Mae hadn't seen Emmy (in person) since she was 3 months old....she's changed a bit!  We spent most of the 4th at a family gathering in Lucerne, Indiana.  My Aunt Carolyn & Uncle Mike have an annual get together, and it was great fun to see lots of my family!  Emmy was the entertainment for all, and she did great with the crowd.  The weather was perfect for an outside gathering, and we had a really good time.  We stayed 2 nights with my Dad, and were able to have Josh come over for a visit too.  I'm not sure how we could have packed more into our trip, and we all needed a day of rest when we returned.  Unfortunately, there were thunderstorms when we flew home, and we had to circle around Raleigh for over 30 minutes...much to Emmy's dismay.  She threw a full-blown tantrum in the air, and then passed out for about 40 minutes.  Thank God for small favors, because I was almost ready to ask the flight attendant to stow her in the luggage compartment.  Luckily, we weren't the only parents blessed with screaming kids on the plane, so we weren't a TOTAL spectacle.  Got lots of good pics from the trip that I'll share.  


Jen said...

Great pics...we have one very similar of Soph with a plane (and pigtails!) I love the one of you and her...he grin kills me.

Chad said...

I love the photo of her pointing at the plane! LOL!