Monday, July 14, 2008

Embarrassing Moments, Thanks to Your Kid

You know, there are certain events that would never happen if you didn't have kids.  For instance, Keith and I would never have had the memorable experience of sitting in a restaurant, putting a little plastic coffee creamer in our mouth, biting it, hearing a loud POP(!!), and then looking over at the woman sitting next to us, covered with creamer and a rather surprised expression.  Life would be so boring without this child.  (By the way, Em was covered in creamer and had a rather surprised expression as well!)  At least the woman was gracious as she left, and said she was okay since it wasn't ketchup!


Jen said...

now that's pretty funny...I was having a hard time invisioning this though...the creamer was in "our mouth"? Have the 2 of your merged together? Were you sharing a creamer between you? WHY were you doing this? :)

Susan & Jim said...

He hee! And you're only at 17 months!!! You're going to have SO many MORE stories to tell my dears!

Just think how boring, and bland, and uneventful life was before. You guys blended into the woodwork. Well darlin's, those days are so ova!
Love ya, Mom/Grammy