Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our Little Guppy

Em started swimming lessons this morning at the local YMCA.  It's a nice Parent/Child class at the not-so-nice time of 815am.  Keith did the class with Emmy today, while I supervised from the sideline & snapped some photos (and cleaned up the babe after she puked up her breakfast...gotta teach her not to swallow so much pool water!).  This was her first time in a pool, and she freaked a little when they first got into the water.  By the end of the class, Keith had gone under with her a few times, and she was giggling.  Got some cute pics & video...

Call me crazy, but we're thinking of getting a minivan.  We're likely going with either the Odyssey or the Sienna.  We test drove the Honda today, and got a rough idea of what they are going for at that dealership.  Of course, I've been doing research out the wazoo and am ready to put on my negotiator hat.  We will probably hit the local Toyota dealer tomorrow to drive the Sienna.  Gotta say, it was amazingly easy to get the kid into her carseat in the contorting my body into the backseat or wrestling side doors.  Nice.  Will keep ya posted on our decent to the dark side.  


Chad said...

Reminds me of the time I took Sophie for swim lessons.

Anonymous said...

minivans...happens to the best of us! The convenience can't be beat!

Gotta have auto doors! :)