Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thanks to Nana & Papaw Stouder

Last week, our daycare was closed all week for our provider's summer vacation.  This is the peril of having an in-home daycare with one provider...they've gotta have a break every now and again.  So, I worked from home Monday, and Keith did on Tuesday...then Nana flew in from Florida Tuesday night to spend the rest of the week with Emmy.  They both had a blast!  Nana made sure they called Papaw everyday on the phone to chat, and Emmy eventually started saying "apaw" into the receiver.  (so cute!)  The DC Stouder crew drove down for a visit this weekend, and Emmy really enjoyed hanging out with her older cousin Abby (and learned to say her name too!).  On Sunday night, once Judy got back to Florida, we Skyped with them so they could talk with Emmy.  She sat on my lap, saw Papaw on the monitor and started pointing/laughing/saying Apaw!  We really appreciate their flexibility in helping us out last week!

Emmy is starting to recognize objects & remember words.  When we look at books or pictures she's able to identify several items.  We saw a cow on a block, and when I asked her what it was, she said "Moo!".  Today, I pointed to our computer monitor, which has a large photo of her for a background, and asked who that was...she pointed and said "Emmy!". *stunned Momma* She's a smart cookie, this wee one.

We decided to make a run to the local park on Sunday, then go to one of our favorite spots for ice cream.  Emmy was literally jumping in her carseat when we pulled into the park.  She loves to swing, and it's very hard to pry her away when it's time to go.  Ice cream seemed to help.  She was very intent on eating it herself, and kept saying "i-ceam" over and over.  I got some photos while she was eating.

It's amazing how much her language is expanding, and her capacity for watching & soaking everything in is becoming.  It's rather scary, really, when you realize there is a human sponge watching your every move...waiting to repeat what you say or do what you do.  Hmmm... 


Jen said...

I love the pic of her and Judy...very sweet.

Yes, it is quite scary with these little people watching us. Just wait til she utters her first swear word... :)

Chad said...

I dig the pic of her walking with Keith!