Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Update

We did a whole lotta nuttin' this weekend, and it was nice.  I did Dream Dinners yesterday morning, and got us stocked up a bit on yummy dinners for this month.  If you've not tried them before, and find yourself heating up frozen pizza a few too many nights per week, I urge you to consider giving DD a try!  Tasty, I'm telling ya!

Emmy had a little fever Saturday evening, and with a slug of Motrin, it went away and she rested well.  Poor little thing has been Miss Crabby all weekend because she's getting 2 teeth in at the same time.  She's drooling up a storm, and hasn't been eating well.  These nasty little incisors are really tearing her up.  

We did find time (and a window of happy kid time) to visit a local park.  Emmy loves to swing and giggled the entire time.  We introduced her to the slide, and the jury is still out on that one.  We played in the driveway with sidewalk chalk, rode the Big Wheel (remember those?!), and took a wagon ride.  

We rented National Treasure 2 tonight, and thought it was enjoyable.  Not quite as clever as the first one, but we only paid a dollar to watch no complaints here.  Our local grocery store has a DVD rental kiosk, where all videos are $1.  They have lots of new titles, and it's all done out of a little red box.  It's a great deal!

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