Saturday, August 4, 2007

Daycare Drama

Emmy's first day of daycare was Wednesday, and evidently (much to her guilt-stricken mother's horror) she cried the entire day. Actually, so did the other 3 kids in her daycare...poor daycare lady! (Jeffrey's her name) There was another little girl who started the same day Em did, and she wasn't enjoying herself very much. Jeffrey said she had a pretty LOUD cry, and this started a chain reaction. Em hasn't been around other kids much, so being around a very unhappy, loud baby was just more than she could take. Emmy was utterly exhausted when she got home that night. I put her to bed, and she let out one pitiful, half-hearted, "whaaa", and promptly fell asleep. She did great the rest of the week, and was a totally happy, smiling kid each day when I picked her up. Jeffrey said she wishes Em's happy disposition was contagious!

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