Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bedtime Rituals

We tend to have the same bedtime routine every night. Jammies & fresh diaper, bottle, read a book or two, lots of hugs & kisses and bed. Emmy loves reading her books, and especially enjoys the books with something fun to touch (current fave is "That's Not My Bear!", with all the fuzzy bear parts to rub...thanks Jen!) Tonight, Keith was doing the bottle & book, as I was putting a clean sheet on the crib. They were so cute, I decided to take a couple photos. The last photo is of Keith "paying tribute" to the King, with a pseudo-Elvis-sneer. He had been jiggling Emmy to get a burp out, and singing "All Shook Up!". Enjoy!


Susan & Jim said...

Any daddy that will do "elvis" for his little girl, is alllll-right.

Chad said...

Cute as always!