Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Week of Milestones

Who knew that week six would be so chock-full of milestones?! Emmy is smiling in response to us now, and that is ever-so-rewarding! She has a very cute gummy smile and her whole face lights up! Of course, she can waver very quickly from big grins to big cries...let's hope that's not an indicator of future bipolar behavior. She has also starting tracking items with her eyes this week...she watched a little sheep on a mobile go in circles over her head. Nice to know she can see a little something now, and it keeps her attention for a nanosecond. She is holding her head up more and more, and is a bit less of a bobblehead. If I prop her up on her forearms, she can push her chest up a little bit (it reminds me of a nature show where they show the prairie dogs sitting up and sniffing the wind, but I digress). Finally, and this is major here people, she slept from 5p-1030p, ate/chilled out with Keith for a bit, and then slept from 1a-5a. Seriously, this could be the beginning of something life-changing! (We can hope at least!)

Wow, if all this occurred during week 6, what does week 7 have in store for us?!

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Sherrie said...

Count on a good sized helping of that "future bipolar behavior"! Joey is the absolute king of melodrama, and he can go from bliss to hysterical crying in the span of about five seconds. Judging from what I hear from other parents, age 2 to about 22 is just one big bipolar episode. Hey, it keeps us on our toes if nothing else!