Monday, December 11, 2006

The Transformation Has Begun!

Yippee! We painted the nursery tonight! Well, okay, I helped tape and take the outlet covers off and Keith painted the entire thing himself. He did a great job, and the room looks totally different and very warm & inviting. The new dresser is being delivered on Saturday, and we'll be assembling the crib this week sometime. We have a closet organizer to install, and I'm on a hunt for red gingham curtains to hang. Here's a link to our crib bedding. Can't wait to add the accessories and "baby stuff" to finish up the room!


Chad said...

Go Keifer, go Keifer go!

Keith said...

Thanks for the encouragement Chadman!

Jen said...

Love the color! :) Baby Stouder will love it too, I'm sure! By the way, Keith you look like you're enjoying this MUCH more than Chad did (and I'm sure you're a bit more pleasant than he was during the painting process?)