Monday, December 4, 2006

29 Week Ultrasound & Babyface Unveiled!

I had an ultrasound today to check Babygirl's growth. She now weighs about 3.5 pounds, and was flipping around so much during the scan that the tech had to keep reorienting herself. She was able to get an awesome 4-D picture of the baby's face, which I'll post here. She's very cute, if I say so myself! (No bias at all!) There was a profile photo too, and it looks like she might just have Keith's nose (see what you think). Don't be alarmed by the funky stuff around her's just movement artifact, like arms waving around. The only abnormal thing on the scan today was that the left ventricle in the baby's brain looked a little enlarged in one out of three measurements they did. The upper end of normal is 10mm, and one was 11mm. The ventricle is an area filled with fluid, and I was told there are many reasons this could be slightly bigger than expected. The doctor recommended coming back in 3-4 weeks to repeat an ultrasound to measure this area again. I'm not getting too worked up about this, as only one of the measurements was abnormal (and 2 were totally fine). We'll just check again, and see what happens. Meanwhile, we have a very active baby who is growing well and looking quite cute!


Chad said...

Wow! Those are some fancy-schmancy photos! Man, just a couple years ago we didn't have technology like that!

Susan & Jim said...

Yes! Baby girl has K's nose! How cute. I see April in her face....I bet the apple cheeks will continue in her. Try not to worry about all that extra info you got...sometimes "too" much info isn't a good thing as Martha would say. She's beautiful, how neat to see her face, huh??
Love Mom