Sunday, September 14, 2008

Whatta Week!

The week after you get back from vacation is never a good one, and this past week topped the charts. The Wednesday we were at the beach, I got clobbered by a monster wave, and injured my leg. My shin was swollen larger than anything I've seen before...totally freaky! By Monday, my entire right leg was purple down to my toes, and my leg began to swell and hurt. I tried elevation, but the swelling wouldn't budge. Keith left Tuesday for a conference in DC, and didn't get home until Friday evening. I had an enormous amount of work email to sort through, which literally took me two days. I told myself if the swelling got worse, I would go see someone about it Wednesday, since I have clinic on Thursday and Friday. Well, during work Weds, my thigh starting aching, and I was really getting concerned about the possibility of a blood clot in my leg. Our family MD left the practice, and so we are currently without a primary MD. I had a ton of work to do Weds, so couldn't go anywhere during the daytime anyway. So, after work, I picked up Emmy and went to the urgent care to be seen. Of course, the MD who saw me said he was concerned I had a clot, and had to go to the ER. So, since Keith was out of town, I called our daycare provider and asked if she could watch Emmy. By this time, it was creeping close to her bedtime, and I didn't know how many hours I'd be waiting in the ER. Thankfully, she agreed to watch Em, and I was in the ER by 7 pm. Emmy ended up spending the night with the sitter, as I didn't leave the ER until 2 am! The place was packed, and nothing happens fast in the ER. Turns out I have no broken fibula, and no blood clot. Final diagnosis after 7 hrs in the ER was "a contusion!". My leg is, sadly, still bright purple, swollen and hurts like the dickens if anything touches it. Needless to say, I've been vegging today, and trying to do very little. We were so happy to have Keith/Daddy back home Friday night!

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Joey said...

Oh my gosh, that sounds terrifying! You had a rough time, for sure. How is it now? I hope everything is doing better and that week has been MUCH more mellow!

Sherrie (not Joey, just on his Google account)