Saturday, March 29, 2008

Life with a Toddler

Emmy keeps us so entertained these days...smiling and giggling at her silly Daddy, chasing kitties, pushing her little cart, and jumping on the couch are daily events around here.  Today, she was sitting in her carseat, waving madly at the road behind us and saying "bye-bye"!  She says "ba" when she'd like to toss the ball around, and today learned "poo-pey" when Mommy was changing her diaper.  She proceeded to say it for the next 20 minutes, as she was playing with blocks.  She's learning to use her spoon & fork, and seems to be getting the messy hang of it...although it's still WAY easier to just dip your hand into the applesauce than spoon it up.  She walked between Keith and I tonight at the video store, holding our hands and giggling.  Such a big girl!  No independent steps yet, but the day is closing in...don't worry, the camera is ready.  

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