Thursday, April 3, 2008

We're So Proud!

When I picked up Emmy from daycare today, she was super-excited to see me.  She had been sitting on Jeffrey's lap in the rocking chair, and as soon as I walked in, she started bouncing and put her arms in the air.  Jeffrey said "you don't need to be picked up, you can just walk over to Mom".  So, she stood Em on the floor and that's exactly what she did!  Jeffrey said she'd been taking some steps all day, and it was so exciting to see the babe walkin' like a lil' mini-Frankenstein towards me!  I raced home so she could walk for Keith was a fun night!  She just laughs so hard when she stands independently...and then gets ahead of herself when she takes some steps and tries to RUN...then falls on her face.  I haven't got any good pics or video yet...uncooperative toddler.  It'll be up soon!

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Jen said...

YIPPEE!!!!! Go....Em!!! run out and buy every babyproofing device you can find!