Friday, December 28, 2007

Holiday Happenings

We went to DC for Christmas to stay with Keith's sister & her family.  We were joined by the rest of the Stouders, and had a nice holiday together.  Emmy's first Christmas was fun, although at times she was overwhelmed.  She enjoyed the wrapping paper, playing with her cousin Abby, and pulled up onto her knees for the first time in order to get a better look at a new toy.  Once she did that, she was up on her knees for the rest of the week...something she though was hilarious.   I got some cute video of her bouncing and giggling hysterically.  
Today was my last day at work, and I'll start my new job on Monday.  It was sad to leave my friends today, but I'll stay in touch (and they'll read the blog to get their Emmy fix).  
We're staying local for New Year's...not doing much, except going to visit our friends, Fred & Lennie on New Year's Day.  Lennie is a fabulous cook, and loves to entertain.  Should be fun.  
Keith got me an iMac for Christmas (I should say, got "us" the iMac!).  I had wanted some digital scrapbooking software, but once he read the system requirements, he realized our old computer would need an upgrade to support it.  The old system was going on 5 years old, so it was time to change out.  We're learning how to use the Mac, and are liking it so far.  I feel like I have a ton to figure out, but will take it slowly and play around with it.  Any Mac users out there (besides the Garretts, who've been trying to convert us for years!)??

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