Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hello, Amoxicillin!

Well, it had to happen eventually. Em has had a nasty cold/cough all week, which kept getting worse, so I took her to the ped yesterday. She said Em's lungs were clear, but she had an ear infection. When she went 2 weeks ago for her 9 month checkup, the right ear looked slightly red, but nothing to do for it quite yet. Looks like it brewed for a while, and then this cold kicked it up a notch into a full-blown infection. So, Emmy's on the lovely pink Amoxicillin. Luckily, she loves it. She gets so excited when I pull out the bottle, she literally starts bouncing in her seat. We found out yesterday one of the little boys in daycare has, we'll keep a close eye on Emmy's cough & breathing.

On the upside, when I picked Em up one day this week we were saying goodbyes with Jeffrey, and Emmy waved and said "bye-bye"! That's the first time she's said a word with an appropriate action/meaning. So exciting! Usually, everything is either mama or dada....not that I get tired of hearing "mamamamamamama"!


Susan & Jim said...

So sorry to hear that our lil' babygirl is sick. Love the Christmas tree lighted pics of you all. You all try to rest up so you don't get sick again too!

Sherrie said...

We hope that Emmy get better in a flash! Joey has to take Amoxicillin before every dental/orthodontist appointment, thank goodness he loves the stuff too as he takes it every 6 weeks, at least. The pharmacies around here don't make it pink anymore, it's more of a fleshtone- what's up with that? "The pink medicine" should always be pink, I say!