Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yup, I'm a Slacker

Sheesh, it's been forever since I posted on the blog! Sorry faithful readers (all 5 or so of you!). I've been a busy little beaver these past couple weeks.

I signed up for the gym again a month or two ago, and didn't get my rear in there to workout until last week. Went to a strength-training class, abs class and a cardio aerobics class. Felt good, but I knew I needed to kick it up a notch, so I booked a free session with a trainer. This was mostly to orient myself to the new weight machines they have, and try to figure out some sort of strength routine. I enjoyed it so much, I signed up to meet with the trainer twice a week. I figure the only way I'll actually GO to the gym is if I have an appointment to workout with someone. I have to say, the first session (upper body weights and abs) totally kicked my butt, and I have barely been able move my arms for the past 2 days. Good God, what have I done?! I go back tomorrow afternoon, and hopefully we'll focus on the legs, because my arms are still quivering from Tuesday.

I was up until midnight last night, preparing for a stamp class that I do monthly in Henderson. I have about 5 gals who are faithful stampers and love to come to a regular class. When I got to work today, I talked with one of the girls, and she had no idea there was a class tonight...upon further checking around, it appears I only remembered to tell 2 of the gals when the class was! Mommy-brain is REALLY bad people...bad, bad, bad. So, I rescheduled the class to next Thursday so everyone can come. It's bad enough that I can't remember ANYTHING, but then to never remember that you forgot something makes it so much worse! It's like if I don't write it down, it's gone forever, never to return to my consciousness again. Unbelievable...and to think I was at one time so on top of it. Hhmrph!

I am doing Dream Dinners again on Saturday. We have now designated that Thursdays are Keith's night to cook. Lucky for me, it's not PB&J's every week because the ready-to-cook meals from DD are so simple to cook, even my kitchen-challenged hubby can do it! Yahoo! My cousin Sherrie was lucky enough to marry a chef...I was not so lucky in this regard!

I promised to post pics of Emmy's new 6 month portraits. Will load them onto the computer this weekend so you can see. She is going to do Kindermusik at daycare in Oct & Nov. The Kindermusik lady comes to the daycare once a week, and the families get little songbooks and an instrument to take home. We have the option to come join the class, but I an in Henderson on those days.....bummer! Emmy is learning about clapping and waving now, and she sits on the floor and rocks back and forth when we sing. Such a hoot. I was mimicking her rocking last night, and it produced these HUGE belly laughs from her...double hoot.


Chad said...

Chad=ultimate slacker

Sherrie said...

I still suffer from "Mommy-brain", and my "child" is roaring up on adolescence! I don't think it ever goes away! And yes, I clearly hit the jackpot in snagging a chef- thank goodness, because if I had to cook we'd go broke from eating out every night and probably have a kitchen that was charred from any attempt at cooking that I made. A friend of mine just invited me to try out the Delicious Dinners around here, in her words they have "changed her life". I think I'll just stick to John doing all the cooking- it's worked out great this far!
I'll keep an eye out for the 6 month pictures, can't wait to see them!