Friday, September 28, 2007

Unbelievable Cupcakes!

I was checking out my favorite blogs tonight, and happened upon a link to this. This gal is seriously talented!

I have been pondering signing up for a cake decorating class at either AC Moore or Michael's. I've wanted to do the Wilton class for years, as I want to be a cool Mom who can make some memorable birthday cakes for our kidlets. I checked out the class schedules for October, and neither store has a class time that works for me. I'll check back in November I guess, and hope there's a time that will work.

We discovered a neat little chocolate shop tonight called Stam's. It's a new store, in a little shopping plaza near our house. We chatted with the high school girl working behind the counter, and found out the chocolates come from Amsterdam & Iowa....say, wah? She said it's a family-owned company from Holland, and one of the grandsons moved to Iowa and started an off-shoot of the company there. How did Chapel Hill get a store? The owner is from Holland, and lives here. He ate the chocolates growing up, and when he found out there were stores in Iowa, he convinced the company to allow him to open the first non-family-owned franchise...right here in Chapel Hill! Here is a link to the story, as reported in our local paper. By the way, the coconut truffle and butter truffle are delish! (I am planning to take my buddy, Jen, here when she visits in November!)

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