Saturday, July 7, 2007


Well, we're going through a phase here in the Stouder household. Emmy, who used to suck down a bottle in 5 minutes flat, no longer wants to eat. She's not running a temp, not pulling her ears, not unusually fussy, still sleeping great...just not that interested in her bottles anymore. She is so easily distracted now, everything is MUCH more interesting than the baba. I've checked her gums repeatedly to see if they were red or swollen...nope. She still chews on her hands and drools, but this has been going on for a good month. We started introducing cereal about 3 weeks ago, and she's finally getting the hang of this "swallowing solid food" thing. I even gave her some prunes yesterday (please see uploaded video on Photobucket site) in an effort to help her move things along. She is struggling a bit in that department since she finished the last of the frozen breastmilk 2 weeks ago. We had been gradually introducing formula to her, but now that she's on 100% formula, the iron must be clogging her up. Alas, I keep telling myself she'll eat when she's good & hungry (and she does drink her 9pm bottle down very well, but she's half asleep at the time!). I wish someone could invent little mini-blinders, like what they put on horses. Then, 90% of the distractions would be gone, and she might eat...unless the cat walks into the room and meows.

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