Monday, June 4, 2007


So, I was thinking the other day, on my long commute to many countless hours have I used up of my life watching movies. Good movies, bad movies, stupid mediocre movies. How many movies can I quote, recite a dialogue, or conjure up a scene? Too darn many. When I think about it, I probably have seen thousands of movies. Average movie = 2 hours....that's a lot of my life! Keith and I enjoy going to see movies, and like to try to stump each other by quoting odd lines from various films. (Sort of like how Keith likes to stump me with random 80's music that was clearly before my time!) It's amazing to walk through Blockbuster, searching for a movie to rent, and in my mind say "Seen it, seen it, seen it". That friends, can be a real wake up call!

So, in honor of this realization, I thought I would post some of my favorite movies (in no particular order).

1) When Harry Met Sally...way too many good quotes originate from this flick!
2) Lord of the Rings trilogy...didn't think I'd like the first one when Keith dragged me to it, but I was surprisingly hooked.
3) Harry Potter films...lots of good material there.
4) Shawshank Redemption...sort of a classic.
5) Murphy's Romance...gotta love Sally Field.
6) Terms of Endearment...too many similarities with my mother and I!
7) Home for the Holidays...Robert Downey Jr just cracks me up in this movie.
8) Silence of the Lambs...freaky deaky, but very quotable!
9) okay, pretty much any cute Meg Ryan film....You've Got Mail, IQ, French Kiss, Sleepless in Seattle
10) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon...very cool effects.
11) The Pianist...Adrian Brody did a remarkable job.
12) Little Miss Sunshine...sort of an indie flick that made it big...laughed my butt off.


sherrie said...

You've got a great list there! One of the bloggers for the St Pete Times newspaper did a great podcast on "When Harry Met Sally", the link for it is:
I listen to all of their podcasts, they do some the big movies of the 80's and a lot of 80's music. I sometimes have a small contribution to the podcasts with my comments that I leave on their blog, but none on the "Harry" podcast.
Wow, "Murphy's Romance"- that was one of my favorites when I was in middle school but I haven't seen it in at least 20 years. I also loved "Little Miss Sunshine", especially Alan Arkin's great lines. In the last few years my favorite movies were "Clerks 2"- (terribly raunchy, but there were some great lines there) and nearly anything with Bill Murray- "Lost In Translation", "Broken Flowers"- both of them have maddeningly ambiguous endings, but I still enjoyed watching Bill Murray emote. Do you have Netflix? We watch most of our movies that way now.

Keith said...


Great movie list. Now I have gift ideas for B-Day's and Xmas.