Friday, June 15, 2007

It's a Jungle out There!

We live in a pretty wooded area, and as such, see a fair amount of wildlife on a regular basis. Our daily drive in and out of the neighborhood includes seeing loads of deer, rabbits, squirrels, birds, frogs, snakes (ugh!), turtles, and other interesting creatures. We have seen turtles several times in our yard, slowly walking through on their way to some unknown destination. In fact, this week, Keith saw the largest turtle yet, and snapped a few pictures! He had the idea to document some of the wildlife we see and post to our blog. We also have a bird in one of our hanging flowerpots who hatched a little baby birdie (or two...hard to tell). Got a pic of that to share as well. One of the local stray cats decided to have 2 kittens on one of our larger empty flower pots, back beside the shed. Once she realized we had discovered them (and were coming out to look at them regularly), she moved them. I had no idea what happened to the little things until about 1-2 weeks later when I saw one of them peeking out from beneath our neighbor's back porch. We see the momma cat in their yard regularly, so she's keeping a close eye on them. It's fun to see all this in our backyard, and we look forward to sharing some "animal adventures" with Emmy!

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